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Creative Alliances and Action Plans


Discover our Action Plan Guides from the various Creative Alliances set up by the Creative Invisibles partners during the project. These guides are designed to help you set up your own creative alliance, but also to share with you the different stages of reflection and action plans for each local alliance. It may give you some ideas for setting up in your area!


A Creative Alliance is a united effort of various individuals and organizations, pooling their expertise to achieve common goals. These alliances not only focus on shared interests but also promote collective action for enhanced results. The central aim is to involve relevant stakeholders in a concerted action plan, emphasizing entrepreneurship education, economic development, and community cohesion.
Below are 5 Alliance Action

The Guides are available to download in English directly below, if you scroll further you can also download the guides in respective native langauges!
Scroll below to download the Creative Alliance Action Plans in 5 partner regions across Europe:
Scroll below to download the Alliance Action Plans in their RESPECTIVE language!
Alliance Action Plan Guide - Italian
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Alliance Action Plan Guide - Spanish
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