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Creative Invisibles has won the 2023 "Best European Practice" award from the international European Network of Innovation for Inclusion

We are very proud to announce that Project Creative Invisibles has won the 2023 "Best European Practice" award from the international European Network of Innovation for Inclusion - a branch of Action against hanger Spain!

Classified in the "Inclusive Entrepreneurship" category, our project was chosen for its innovative teaching methods and methodology for young people who are "invisible" (i.e. outside the education system) and want to make a place for themselves in the urban culture sector.

Sophie Guénebaut, director of LABA a partner in the project, will receive the award on 9 June in Madrid at the XI Forum of Inclusive Employment and Entrepreneurship. The event will be broadcast live on Youtube.
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This project would not have been possible without the entire partnership Le Rocher de Palmer, Materahub (it) Momentum Educate + Innovate (irl), Backslash (esp), European E-Learning Institute (dk) and Kontrapunkt (de) and of course, all the young French and German people who took part in the experimental training courses in Cenon and Munich, well done to them!!!. 🙌

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