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Opportunities in Street Culture


Our Resource Pack will enable artists and other creative actors, entrepreneurship managers and stakeholdersto understand why and how Street Culture entrepreneurship is suitable fordeveloping the entrepreneurialskills or initiative of young NEETs, potential entrepreneurs in the creative sector. The Creative invisiblepartners have carried out a range of interviews and now present best practice case studies from organisationsin their regions who are already active in Street culture for entrepreneurship for young people.


Street culture has grown exponentially in recent years, driven by the mainstreaming of youth culture and the revitalization of urban areas. From street art, to food trucks, from popup markets to fashion and sports, street culture is any commercial activity that takes place outside 'dedicated and institutional areas' and contains the creative forces that can shape fashions life and stimulate the economy.

Videographers, performing artists, street food vendors and artisan producers form an important segment of the micro-enterprise sector that has seen significant growth in Europe since 2017. Initiatives like Street Art Bordeaux, Culture Night (Belfast), guided tours of the el Carmen district of Valencia, or the Schlachth of (district of the former slaughterhouses), known in Munich to be a place where graffiti and street artists express themselves (monumental frescoes and simple tags coexist on the walls of this place) are known and attract the public.


The overall aim of theResource Pack is therefore to raise awareness and provide users with basic knowledgeon the subject so that they understand the value of Street Culture for their work, and to motivate them tomove forward in introducing Street Culture entrepreneurship intheir organisations, during the COVID crisisand in view of the new forms of support we need to imagine for young people.

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