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Urban outdoor sports – for young people!

Ever heard of Parkour?

It is one of the most popular urban sports! Parkour is a discipline that represents the natural approach and the return to the origins. It is identified as the art of movement, the ability to move from one point to another in the most efficient way possible (efficiency is measured in the simplicity, safety and speed of the athletic and acrobatic movement) using only the body and exploiting the surrounding environment - natural or urban - through running, climbing and jumping. To build a personal and alternative route. In this way, for example, a banal handrail is transformed into a launching ramp or a slide.

Among urban sports, the parkour is the one with the greatest appeal but this is not to be underestimated, in terms of physical preparation, and - less than ever - approached as a hobby. Like all sports, this outdoor activity involves physical and mental preparation. And, through specific training, you can awaken and train inborn skills.

Among the main movements of the parkour, at least the basic ones, there are: cat leap (position anticipated by a jump in which the arrival is with the hands clinging to the edge of the wall, and the feet resting on its surface), climb up (technique to overcome an obstacle effectively, starting from the position of cat leap), dyno (starting from the position of cat leap, projecting the hands upwards, to cling to a hold and climb).

Other urban sports

The list includes skateboarding and inline skating (among the most popular urban sports), urban climbing (protrusions, walls, concrete buildings, urban golf (playing golf in the city, in the company of friends or acquaintances, remaining true to the original spirit of this practice), bike polo (cycling variant of the sport of polo, where horses are replaced by bicycles and with teams of three players).

The rediscovery of the metropolis also passes through urban trekking, fast walking through the city streets, river surfing (some rivers, thanks to the irregularity of the seabed and the play of the currents, are particularly suitable), slacklining, the evolution of equilibrium, or walking along an elastic tape anchored to two poles (the trees of a park or the sign posts) without supports or holds. All this is done in compliance with safety regulations and by training in the gym or fitness centre under the guidance of professional trainers for the athletic preparation of specific sports.

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