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Street Culture Entrepreneurship: OERs

Discover the Unlimited Possibilities of Street Culture with Our Free, Open Educational Resources

Welcome to Creative Invisibles OERs for Street Culture Entrepreneurship! Your go-to hub for free, open educational resources (OERs) designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs interested in tapping into the thriving world of street culture. Our comprehensive collection of OERs provides you with the knowledge, insights, and inspiration needed to transform your passion for street culture into a successful entrepreneurial venture.
Street culture, an exciting blend of art, fashion, music, and sports, has evolved into a powerful force shaping today's creative industries. With roots in urban communities worldwide, street culture has given rise to some of the most iconic brands, artists, and experiences of our time.

Our OER collection covers a wide range of topics related to street culture entrepreneurship, including:
Module 1 What is Street Culture and how does it relate to entrepreneurial opportunities?
Module 2 Taking the initiative: identifying and researching new agile business models and drivers of success.
Module 3 Resources for your idea: how to get the support you need.
Module 4 Marketing your idea: brand development, word-of-mouth, social media and reputation marketing.
Module 5 Collaboration for success: The interconnections of Street Culture and how to make them work.
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